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Added by Jose REMY, last edited by Jose REMY on Jul 09, 2007

( DESC 'administration' )

Policy administration

This object identifier (OID) describes openOSI policy administration.

ASN1 notation: {iso(1) identified-organization(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) openosi(27630) cps(1) common(0) introduction(1) administration(5)}
URN notation: urn:oid:
IETF DOT notation:
BNF notation (RFC822 Backus-Naur form): ( DESC 'administration' )
Description: Policy administration - ADMINISTRATION

This document identifies and introduces the set of provisions, and indicates the types of entities and applications for which this CP / CPS is targeted.

openOSI Certification authority (CA) policy administration

Assurance level

Organization administering the document

Appropriate certificate use

openOSI as defined in OID is reponsible for all aspects of this certificate policy.

Contact person

Questions regarding this CP shall be directed to the role security.administrator@openosi.org

Person Determining Certification Practices Statement Suitability for the Policy

openOSI authorized staff determine CPS associated to this CP. openOSI audit administrator is responsible for asserting whether openOSI CA CPS conforms to openOSI CA CP.

  1. Certificate policy (CP) administrators tasks are expressed as WS-HumanTask which introduces the definition of human tasks and notifications, including their properties, behavior and a set of operations used to manipulate human tasks. A related coordination protocol is introduced in order to control autonomy and life cycle of service-enabled human tasks in an interoperable manner.
  2. Certificate policy is an input for definition of openOSI trust choreography where participants as defined in [] are integrated using a WS-BPEL extension: BPEL4People to address human interactions in WS-BPEL (choreography is about distributed control of behavior where individual participants perform processing based on outside events like behaviors of their peers)
  3. openOSI trust choreography is an input for openOSI CA orchestration (with a a scope specifically focusing on the view of openOSI)
  4. openOSI CA orchestration represents the formal definition of openOSI CA certification practices statement (CPS)
  5. CPS are a set of BPEL abstract processes and BPEL executable processes, as well as system, network and data administration tasks.

CPS approval procedures

CPS approval procedures result from a formal check of openOSI CPS expressed as BPEL processes against openOSI trust choreography which is the formal representation of CP. These checks are under the responsibility of the audit administrator while CPS procedures are implemented by the security administrator.


The usage of this common certificate policy is to be a single point of reference for others openOSI CP/CPS OID. This OID can be used by anyone under an LGPL license if corresponding policy is enforced.

XML format

	<asn1-notation>{iso(1) identified-organization(3) dod(6) internet(1) private(4) enterprise(1) openosi(27630) cps(1) common(0) introduction(1) administration(5)}</asn1-notation>
	<description> Common certification practices statement for policy administration</description>
	<information>More <i>information</i> can be found in <a href="http://www.openosi.org/openosi/display/oid/">openOSI common CP/CPS for policy administration</a> </information>

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