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  Using certificates with CONFLUENCE wiki
Added by Jose REMY, last edited by Jose REMY on Jun 21, 2007

Using certificates with CONFLUENCE wiki

You can configure CONFLUENCE to get authentication through certificates. For this CONFLUENCE should be configured as a "CAS enabled" service, that is: a client for a Central Authentication Service server. It also brings common authentication with Single Sign On (SSO) with others "CAS enabled" services. That is, once authenticated with CAS, a user doesn't need to authenticate again when accessing others "CAS enable" services, its authenticated identity is passed to the client service. It is common to use LDAP directory in addition to get more attributes like groups membership. CONFLUENCE is written in JAVA, but not open source, although freely available for non profit organizations. It runs in a servlet container like tomcat. CAS client is open source JAVA.

This document focuses on HOW TO setup CAS for CONFLUENCE, especially when using X509 certificates to authenticate.

More information on CONFLUENCE
More information on CAS client
and for server part: Using certificates with CAS Single Sign On

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