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This is the Home page for Identification and Authentication credentials

  1. SPACE OBJECTIVE AuthObjectives
  2. DEFINITIONS AuthDefinitions
  3. IMPLEMENTATION AuthImplementation
  4. FORMAL FRAMEWORK AuthFormalFramework


openOSI security concept is exposed to help coherent usage of X.509 certificates for authentication, the main other usage is for encryption. Some Internet common practices do not contribute to build an Internet of trust, a prerequisite for proper handling of privacy. I expose my vision to clarify coupling between:

Each of this security level requires appropriate environment, tools and builds ground for separate providers. This clarification is an enabling security framework for distributed processing over Internet, that is: Internet2, GRID, semantic web and Service Oriented Architecture. I believe that open source community move is toward implementation using web services relying when possible on appropriate Java EE (former J2EE) middleware.

I add the control level concerning logging and auditing as well as further control of data ownership (DRM, privacy, medical records, usage extension, archiving duration, traces...)



Most common definitions try to be very simple and therefore hide the underlying difficulty to identify the relevant mechanisms. Hereafter I try to allow insight into common security definitions.

Security level

Simple definition

Who are you? and Do I recognize you as a known entity?

How do I know you are who you claim to be? and What level of trust do I have about your assertion?

Are you allowed to perform this transaction? and to what extent (amount, time, duration, location ...) ?

Record of transactions to assist in looking for security problems and Quality control and Intellectual property management and Privacy protection procedures.






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