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X.509 Certificates

x500 ISO ITU standards x509 ISO ITU standards


Identification and Autnetication GRID security framework

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  • X400 DN mapping to X500-LDAP DN and X509 certificates DN

  • Sensitivity attribute

  • Importance - Priority attribute

  • Mandatory Access Control mapping (MAC)

  • Common framework with Multi Level Security (MLS - MCS), see SELinux

This sub project will provide an implementation of an open source X400 MHS, based on the OSI model, to contribute to SOA and ESB, with a JAVA message service API: openOSI JMS provider, allows developing loosely coupled enterprise applications

open osiJMS provider relies on a proven technology, with underlying worldwide accepted framework:

The foundations are OSI model and JAVA technology. 

open osiJMS provider integrates with many of the forthcoming key standards.    


Liberty alliance identity management, Globus alliance for GRID, UDDI standards for the semantic web..

open osiJMS provider brings it's own contribution to SOA - Service Oriented Architecture and ESB to build the virtual enterprise. 


Beside SOAP and XML, osiJMS pass through the HTTP protocol to reach backend and legacy applications.

 open osiJMS provider fits into high demanding security infrastructures

The native mapping of X500/LDAP DN - Distinguished named with X509 certificates and X400 attributes allows staying in the same naming space.

 open osiJMS provider integrates in scalable architectures. 

As a Message-Oriented Middleware (MOM) systems following JSR 914 standard, osiJMS integrates with application servers and others infrastructure middleware.

 open osiJMS provider is built on the top of a stable, fully validated message handling system. 

The osiJMS underlying messaging system is an X400 MHS with added JMS API.

 open osiJMS provider is a free open source software (F/OSS). 

It will be available "ready to use" as a MOM RPM integrated in LINUX / Redhat Fedora implementation, with SELinux targeted policies.

 open osiJMS provider is mainly designed for inter application messaging, but it can be easily integrated in common inter personal messaging systems.


Any X400 connectors already available for the commercial messaging systems, e.g for Microsoft Exchange, could be used.

open osiJMS brings the glue between several core components of an SOA/ESB architecture for virtual organizations and the semantic web.